When You Don’t Quite Know What You’ve Lost

Since the first time I really understood the phrase ‘death comes in threes’, it’s seemed to hold true for me. In 2016, it even decided to multiply itself by two, giving me six solid months of deaths of people close to me, climaxing in April that year (there were still three more to come after) […]

Meditation #3

Gratitude has become my companion and lover in the way no mortal can or could For no matter the weather or way love is but a breath away and can be taken by no one … Image courtesy S. Hermann & F. Richter via Pixabay

Meditation #2

Happiness isn’t living in a perpetual weirded-out state full of rainbows and unicorns and fluffy bliss. It’s awareness and ability to grant space and grace to less-than-perfect moments in the external world so you can examine them with perspective and decide how to integrate them into the flow of the truths you hold in your […]

Meditation #1

When you seek to understand patience Do not ask the human, nay but a soul forced into physical form, life allowed only from the construct of time on a birth certificate to the time on a death certificate. Instead, observe the red peony bud bloom as she will and the striped bee gather nectar and […]

Everyday Poem #22

Yellow finches flit and dance about in blue spruce morning dew impossible to discern the space in which sunlight ends and wings begin

I Am Not Ready

I finally mustered the bravery and courage this morning to look at the rosters of my upcoming school year, a symbolic moment of every August, that day I officially end the oft-quoted by non-teacher narrative of living the “Oh, you’re so lucky you’re a teacher because you get summers off to lie about swimming pools […]

What Keeps You From Writing?

I have started no fewer than 6 blog posts in the last 7 days to reintroduce myself to longer writing after this daily poetry stint (it’s not over, I just feel called to write differently) and I am struggling. Mightily, I might add. I can’t put my finger on why it’s so difficult, but I’m […]

Everyday Poem #21

Wishing pain on others for what they say do believe seek only serves to keep you small dark hurt ignorant and mired in the sticky-deep residual memory of what they said did believed sought . Is this where you want to build your future home, in this hot, dry, hard, arid land where an eye […]

Everyday Poem #20

What is the difference between faith and fate? A vowel or two? An extra letter? Your God or my Goddess? Or is there any difference At all? … Image courtesy 9883074 via Pixabay

Everyday Poem #19: Wish

What if that one true wish you’ve always held never arrives lost in the cosmos insufficient postage returned to sender no such address because the universe is in the process of packaging something bigger and better for you? Will you miss that delivery because you’re so stuck on what you ordered not being what you […]

Everyday Poem #18

Is it true? Ask these razor-sharp words your mind shouts at your heart when obstacles block your progress when hurt dulls your happiness when indigo uncertainty spreads inky clouds of fear in your chest Breathe while you wait for that compassion and love you so freely give others to float down into that feather-soft space […]


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