What Does Space Mean To You? 25 Questions To Consider

Today I taught my first restorative yoga class. I've taught meditation, yin, yoga nidra, slow flow, and gentle flow/challenge, but never restorative. I'm sharing my class teaching with an another amazing teacher, as we are able to organize our every-other-weekends (hers with a daughter in travel sports, me with my 500-hour meditation teaching coursework), and …

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Meet Pearl, the third of my grandcats. Why can't they stay little forever? It should be noted that I never imagined myself that person who admitted to having grandcats, but here we are...lol.

Teacher Without A Classroom

Not being in a classroom on the first day of school since 1975 has been a textbook meditative exploration of riding the flow of emotions. In meditation, we learn to ride our emotions as they arise in our practice and our life as a series of waves.

The Vote to End The Strike Comes Today

But if you want total transparency, I am disgusted that this elected group of people led by an out-of-touch superintendent played chicken with our classrooms and the education of the students we serve, many of whom are already notably behind their peers due to COVID and the negative impact of digital learning in an environment where technology is often unavailable and unreliable.

This Teacher Is On Strike IRL (But Not On The Blog)

Why are we striking? The superintendent and board will have you believe it's over our pay. The 1000% unvarnished truth is that our 103 school building district in the heart of Columbus, Ohio, has been poorly managed and even more poorly maintained over the years (I have been here since 2001), and we are requiring the superintendent spend some of the $400 million dollars she was allocated from the federal government from COVID funds (ESSA funds) to do some of these tasks: