Everyday Poem #9

What if you already had every ingredient for happiness inside the pantry of yourself instead of endlessly seeking all of the world for the future that may never come? Would you need more compassion and less judgment? An extra cup of self-love and only a pinch of worry? Teaspoons of sunlight and laughter and fresh […]

Everyday Poem #8

Bricks get all the attention when we build foundations, but without mortar giving space for connection, expansion, settling, shifting even the most carefully constructed life crumbles in an instant without breath

Everyday Poem #7

7.15.21 Dear NJH, Happy heavenly birthday and thank you for teaching me that the value of a Saturday night was not in who asked you out (unless Dave the trucker, the one with the CB radio, was passing by on US36) but in how you spent it with yourself lathering up with Prell and rinsing […]

Everyday Poem #6

We are made of stars and stories, of ancestors’ dreams and Earth’s oxygen, of orange-yellow sunrises and rhythmic blue waves, of whispered caresses and shattering lessons, of forgotten lyrics and early-morning birdsong, all delicately woven into human form where hope and faith and trust and love are as much of our self as our strong […]

On Anniversaries and Dreams

Tonight’s journaling started by exploring the question of how my parents have been married for 52 years today (and not killed each other yet, lol), and how ashamed I am that the only thing I seem to attract in relationships are a string of men who know how to expertly ghost. It was a humorous […]

Everyday Poem #5

Who is it in you that wants to rest? Who has given more than they have received? Is it the adult or the child? The teacher or the student? The creative or the engineer? The loved or the lover? The doubter or the believer? Breathe in, breath out. Close your eyes and relax. Let that […]

Everyday Poem #4

Are your conditions for loving yourself equal to or lesser than your conditions for loving others? Or does your mind tell your heart you do not deserve love until you are smarter funnier richer prettier healed employed skinnier a better parent a better child less serious more serious acknowledged understood feel less have more less […]

Everyday Poem #3

Up at the 4 am hour, lost in negative thought I stroll the neighborhood to find the proverbial early bird getting the proverbial worm from beneath a pin oak. Watching the robin mercilessly yank and tug the fighting but otherwise shocked and defenseless worm from where he presumably slept (better than me) moments ago in […]

Everyday Poem #2

I eavesdrop on the deli manager tell an older gentleman where he went to high school It’s the teacher names not his graduation year that tells me he was, once upon a very long time ago, my student. . His class was my westside Dead Poet’s Society studying Shakespeare and Frost between whole-class bouts of […]

Everyday Poem #1

I sip hot coffee watching July sunrise and shimmer in waves from the potholed black pavement between me and one man walking a peaked rooftop snapping photos of sun-worn shingles and rusted chimney flashing while another man sleeping under a straggly bush no one has trimmed since the casino arrived on West Broad when one […]

Just Another Saturday Night

Everyday Poem #0 Looking for solace I can’t name I sit on my deck watching the person who will be my new neighbor in a year or three when he finishes his monstrosity of a house two hundred yards from my fence And six times the total square footage Nailgun fascia to his eaves The […]

Giving Yourself Permission

On a whim and in a moment that seemed a good idea, a few weeks ago I started recording my writing time in little time-lapse chunks (90 minutes comes out to about :30 seconds, without editing) and posting it to my Instagram. At the end of the insanity that was last year’s school year, not […]

On Getting Lost in Creativity

All day long, I put off working on my writing project. I know I needed to sit and get down thoughts, but couldn’t find the energy But only after putting on my pjs last night did I feel like sitting and writing. I’m glad I did—that’s the thing about creativity—you are always glad you did […]

On Writing Experiments and Birthdays

I’ve been writing. Honest. Actually, more than I have in quite some time. At the end of May, I felt myself fall into a funk that even writing couldn’t improve. I know writing will bring me back to myself, as it always has, but couldn’t muster the energy to give a shit about words. For […]

Upon Turning 50//Poem 2

Three sassy sixth grade girls Tightened their hijabs and stormed into the library At first Unhappily and unwillingly forced To spend time with me today Six days before the last day Of what has been an extraordinary school year. The sum total of their ages Two decades less the total of mine The problems we […]


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