Dear Reader 4.11.21

Dear Reader, Spring has sprung, in the best of ways. Last week was spring break from school, and while it felt extra odd to be taking a break when we had only returned to the physical classroom three weeks prior, the time away to process, release, and find my way back into myself was long […]

Time to Write: The Stories We Tell

What’s your story? When uttered by an adult, that phrase usually struck fear into the heart of young Beth, suggesting I’d made a wrong choice, a bad decision, or run my big mouth when I shouldn’t have. In fact, an iteration of that question asked by my 5th grade teacher in a moment of haste […]

3.31 Journaling Prompt

What writing ‘season’ is next for you, at the culmination of this ‘season’? How will you know it will be time to move forward? What characteristics will guide your movement? (For more clarity, see posts from 3.30, 3.29, and 3.28.)

Pandemic Poem #34

*originally written 7.2.20 Darby Dan training loop and Greenway trail, 5.52 Sometimes we learn things we have believed for decades to be untrue. Like the wiry, dry flowers lining highways in July are chicory, not cornflowers. (They are both blue) Or that friendships can grow and change and evolve through conflict into something new.

3.30 Journaling Prompt

What writing ‘season’ did you just come from/out of? How do you know? What were the defining characteristics of this ‘season’? (Look back to the 3.29 and 3.28 prompt for more clarity, if needed.)

What to Do When Words Don’t Come

Being in that place where it’s time to put words down on the page but they refuse to show up can feel incredibly isolating, but it needn’t be. Since the days of papyrus and charcoal (or whatever ancient writing implements were used!), feeling blocked in getting our ideas from the abstract to the concrete faces […]


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