Monthly Archives: May 2020

Pandemic Poem #24

Ohio Statehouse

Big Run to Alkire 3

Eighty five on 70W

Saturday with the kids

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7 Stupid Questions From My First 5 Months of Widowhood

Bahamas sunset

*originally published online 9.12.16

  1. “What did you do with all his clothes?”
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Pandemic Poem #23

Journal, meditation, chiropractor

Today’s sunrise chattered that

its only contribution to life was

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Pandemic Poem #22

Camp Chase Trail Connector to Ohio to Erie 4.22

Rain, rain, reconsider

Give up and go.

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Pandemic Poem #21

Neighborhood, 7 a.m., 3.01

Dismissing disturbing dreams teased awake by weak sunlight

Unable to take in full breaths around the heavy uncertainty of another

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Pandemic Poem #20

Teresa texts Tuesday.

Jason running a fever and massive headache for two days.

Teledoc call parallels professional development zoom.

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Pandemic Poem #19

Camp Chase 3.0

Tiny mailbox stars and stripes tip in the breeze

While internal criticisms blast my brain

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Pandemic Poem #15b

Neighborhood 1.78

Day 4 of enduring rain

seeking a dry spot

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Pandemic Poem #14

Neighborhood 2.2

Tiptoeing gingerly through goose turds

More for avoiding poop or spilling depression flavored tears?

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