Monthly Archives: June 2020

Pandemic Poem #32

How do people live

the unexamined life?

Why is it so hard

to learn from our mistakes?

To see them as lessons

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Pandemic Poem #31

or, Things Learned Walking 5 Miles on the Solstice

East to West, Roundabout

The distance traveled by

a roadkill raccoon’s liver

is twice that

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Pandemic Poem #30

First day cycling since fall.

Why not sooner?

Come home to nap

on the deck

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Protest Poem #1

Knowing a person

is not the same as

knowing a person.

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Meditation 6.10.20

I was very aware before meditating of being in a very scattered, very headspace energy. I have just started a new relationship (not entirely sure it qualifies as a relationship yet, simply a new friendship?) and when this happens in my life, my thoughts always pull me out of the energy of the moment

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Pandemic Poem #29

Why should this be difficult?

Lyrical linkage of worldly words

into phrases and pages

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5 Unique Ways to Start a Conversation With a Widow

Seems my family and friends are having great difficulty talking to me since my hubby’s death five and a half months ago. In that time, exactly a dozen people (excluding my teaching colleagues, whom I see daily) have been in touch with me the person, not me the widow.

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NYE in Nashville 2020

No dress to press

No boots to scoot 

No lipstick swiped in a rush

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Pandemic Poem #28

Wake at six, nap at nine, second date and three miles from eleven to one

Life has been reduced to numbers.

Connecting the dots correctly

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First Lessons in Widowhood, or How Shit Gets Real in the First Five Months

From the time you stop counting the minutes between your spouse’s last breaths of earthly oxygen (I stopped at 7 minutes and 23 seconds before I called my dad to my husband’s hospice bed in the dining room to help me count), shit gets real…real fast.

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