Meditation 6.10.20

Intention: I am open to receive what Spirit needs me to receive

Mudra: Open palm, receiving

13 minutes

I was very aware before meditating of being in a very scattered, very headspace energy. I have just started a new relationship (not entirely sure it qualifies as a relationship just yet, simply a new friendship?) and when this happens in my life, my thoughts always pull me out of the energy of the moment and forward in not the kindest of ways. I also felt scattered from waking up at 4 am and not being able to truly settle back down.

I chose open palm because I felt as though Spirit is trying to give me something to ponder or to help me focus by receiving. I tend to bullhead my way through issues and struggle to accept help, and my intuition guided me to this. To do it, simply sit with the back of your hands on your knees, and cup you palms upward toward the sky, as though you were catching rain water in your palms.

It was immediately apparent why this was today’s mudra. As I started slowing my breathing, the neighbor began mowing his lawn literally outside my window. The garbage truck lumbered down the street, outside my screen door. The robins that have been harassing me for more food in their feeders grew demanding in their song outside my back door, and I simply breathed. I have often felt that silence is necessary for a good meditation, but I believe Spirit sent those sounds to me to practice going deeper because I had to focus on myself.

Two observations of the meditation: at the end, as I wrapped up, I was keenly aware that in both of my palms, there was a sensation of something weighted, as if Spirit was playing a game with me and did indeed gift me with something in each hand, but for me to discover. The second was that in relationships, we need to allow things to unfold in their very own timing, and not presume at the beginning that we will know how they end. It’s not always wise to cut off the relationship before it truly begins just because there are a few areas that do not seem compatible, because the relationship might exist to teach you something that isn’t apparent or evident until it’s had some time to marinate and grow. It brought to mind the image of the peonies my grandmother so loved to grow in her yard. You wouldn’t chop off the rounded, tight peony bud because you think it might be pink, and you only want a white flower, would you? So why would you do the same with a relationship?

Namaste, friends.