Instagram Poem #1

originally published on Instagram 3.18.20

Watch this! Spirit commanded with a shout

as sentient beings lumbered out

of their hibernations where

their skins had become pale and fair.

Let’s unbalance my scales and see

how many people remember me

as the one who brings life in spring

and makes the jay bird squawk, not sing

who thaws the earth, who grows the grass

who mates the fellow with the lass.”


Or will they only be able to hear

their own egos in their ears

All those blessings that happen to be

what they miss when they’re ‘too busy’

to enjoy the moments they’ve been given

to spread the Earth with love from heaven?”

I suppose I shall bud the trees and wait

if they see life or if they fear fate.”

*special thanks to S.P. for his collaboration on this piece