Dear Reader 9.20.20

Dear Reader,

Thanks for stopping by the blog, or clicking through. If you’ve noticed I haven’t posted since late July, it’s not from a lack of want. I am actually having the opposite creative issue: I am writing too long and too deeply to post. I started this blog when I was bitten with the poetry bug this crazy, convoluted COVID-filled spring, when words came easily on my morning walks and in random pieces and pockets. It was a gift, really–I haven’t been able to write coherently and complete much in the way of actual pieces of writing since my husband passed away in 2016.

I was so enamored with the words that I wanted to keep branching out with this, short forms each day or every few days, to capture moments in snippets and sentences without the pressure of completing a polished, lengthy piece. It was my challenge to myself that I could, indeed, return to my writing roots.

It worked well. A little too well, which is not a terrible problem to have. I found myself starting a few pieces here and there, intending on them as blog fodder, but they’ve blossomed into something bigger, longer, more unwieldy. They’ve sparked me to explore places and stories I hadn’t planned to investigate with writing because I thought I’d lost the ability. Turns out that it wasn’t lost, just needed time and space.

I suppose, for the sake of brevity, I want to say thank you for you coming to read something new and instead finding this letter. It’s isn’t goodbye, it’s meant to be a little treat for you inside the writer’s mind, what little of it there is at times. I am trying to craft shorter pieces to post more regularly, but in the absence of that, I may simply write you weekly letters on what I’ve been working on. After all, letters are where I got my start back in second grade. If they worked for me then, they will work for me again.

Wishing you a blissful, word-filled week,