Dear Reader 2.21.21

Dear Reader,

Goodness, time flies. Where do I even begin to catch up? I could start with the same silliness I share in my middle school ESL classes on the first day back after Christmas break and exclaim, “Wow, I haven’t seen you in a whole year!”, which most students laugh at (and others respond with quizzical glances). That’s always good for an icebreaker, and even more rewarding when they return the following January and repeat my words back to me.

In the time that’s passed, I’d like to say that everything and nothing has changed. We’re still mired in the pandemic, but with slightly improving outlooks and the teetering balance of collective emotions trending toward more hope and less dread. Piles of icy-chunked snow line highways and driveways here in Ohio but the twenty-six degree sun outside my window has made its way through to the black, salt-ashen asphalt in spots. And I am still writing every day, a faithful devotee of my morning pages, with a few pieces having been accepted and in the process of being published, a few others in the hands of editors considering the merits of my words and a few others having made it out to be shared with readers–including this first: a poem (!) Collections, Small Leaf Press, along with micro pieces at jmww Journal (Small Gratitudes column) and Creative Nonfiction (ICYMI #007: New Beginnings).

I suppose this is also the place and space (as there is nowhere else more applicable) to admit I’ve also begun writing a book. It’s my first nonfiction manuscript: a combination of memoir, essay, poem, advice, and reflection centering tentatively on grief, loss, and death and how I worked through healing using yoga, meditation, and journaling. Of course I have visions of it being a fully published at some point, but it’s currently speaking to me in a series of pieces, not one long, beautiful, elegant, linear text. If you write, you know what I mean. It’s really enough to derail me from writing at all, but it’s where I’m feeling the pulse of my writing at the moment, so it’s where I will spend my writing energy. As everything in life, it’s not about the destination but the journey.

With that, I wish you a blessed journey through the rest of your week! If you’d like to say hi, you can find me on both Twitter (Buckeye_BethM) and Instagram (Buckeye_BethM), or leave me a comment below. If you’re a writer, I’d love to hear what’s calling you this week. If you’re a reader, what has your attention?

Until next week,