On Uncertainty

Originally written 11.4.20, post-presidential election//pre-presidential election decision

We humans act as if uncertainty is new, something novel or unusual, and in reality, it’s what we face each day. Before we even knew that we were uncertain we were uncertain. When we came out of the chute we were uncertain. Would we get fed if we cried? We didn’t internalize: it simply was and is fact in our human incarnations. We like to create a sort of faux certainty, with our money and our relationships, and our carefully constructed walls, our college degrees. We think these things are the answers to our ever-evolving pursuit to banish uncertainty. We don’t even know if we will have access to a bathroom when we have to pee, that’s how deep our uncertainty is. Every single second of human life is spent waiting, at the subconscious, for death. That’s uncertainty.