Pandemic Poem #34

*originally written 7.2.20 Darby Dan training loop and Greenway trail, 5.52 Sometimes we learn things we have believed for decades to be untrue. Like the wiry, dry flowers lining highways in July are chicory, not cornflowers. (They are both blue) Or that friendships can grow and change and evolve through conflict into something new.

Dear Reader 3.28.21

Dear Reader, Today's note is coming to you a little earlier than usual, if you even notice. My usual Sunday morning routine of spending the morning in my local, tiny, coffee shop is being preempted by teaching this morning, and a full afternoon of errands, lesson planning, meditation class homework, and working on an essay …

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On Control

What is control, anyway? This urge, this compulsion to hold on to the good and keep away the bad, to the best of our human ability, (is what we perceive only good to us? Can our good be someone else's bad, and vice versa?), this unwillingness to sit, vulnerable and open, in the flow of …

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