Space and Place: Where Do You Write?

As a followup to Friday’s lesson on Finding Physical Space to write, I’ve been scouring the internet for more advice and insight on this topic. I believe that knowing if you’re a multi-space or only-at-the-desk kind of writer matters as much as the words you put on paper. There is no right or wrong when it comes to the logistics of writing, but knowing your preferences and options can help you find your way back into the process when things don’t always work the way you want.

How to Find Your Space to Write, by Emily Milsom at The Writer’s Cookbook, touches on our last lesson (mental space) as well as the all-important physical space, and gives good suggestions for the consideration of both.

If you’re taking a second look at your home for places to sit with words, Justine Duhr has suggestions in her Finding a Writing Space in Your Home at Write by Night

Tom Corson-Knowles gives 7 Tips to Create an Inspiring Writing Space and Workstation at TCK Publishing, once you’ve found your space.

Shaunta Grimes at The Every Day Novelist continues this thought with a piece on How to Set Up Your Writing Space.

And if you’re looking for the geek link like last time, fear not. The Writing Cooperative has this visual gem featuring 100 Famous Authors and Their Writing Spaces for you go ogle!