Dear Reader 4.11.21

Dear Reader,

Spring has sprung, in the best of ways. Last week was spring break from school, and while it felt extra odd to be taking a break when we had only returned to the physical classroom three weeks prior, the time away to process, release, and find my way back into myself was long overdue. I rented a cabin at a state park–the same place my parents took their hastily-rearranged honeymoon some 51 years ago–and did nothing but read, write, meditate, hike, nap in the sun and write again. Some people need beaches and fancy houses and alcoholic drinks with umbrellas (not that I turn any of that away!), but I’ve realized that I’m happiest trying to find myself in sunrises with coffee, silence and nature.

Through my morning pages & journaling, I was rewarded with a number of interesting ideas to pursue, and, even more, managed to write the entire first half of a seven-class workshop I was asked to create and teach on the idea of processing grief through yoga, meditation, and journaling. I had the structure, but not the content–getting away from the compression of daily routine did wonders for expanding my creativity and bringing it together. I just have to remind myself to carry that spaciousness forward into my post-teaching afternoons rather than feeling frazzled and couch-potatoing my way through my evenings.

I did try to keep a daily journal prompt coming on the blog, though I realize now that thinking I knew dates without using a calendar is a bad idea for a person who is numerically challenged. My apologies for missing prompts yesterday and today. I promise they’ll be back tomorrow morning, going forward. I expect some exploration of the ideas of space, success, happiness, and healing as they apply to writing, as my own journaling has been guided this week. If you missed any of the previous prompts, you can find them here.

Where has your writing taken you this week? Any new ideas, abandoned processes, interesting tangents to follow? I’d love to hear in the comments. In the meantime, I’ll get to scheduling those upcoming prompts for the week, and wish you a warm, sunny, spring day!

Happy writing!



9 thoughts on “Dear Reader 4.11.21

  1. sounds like you know yourself well, and did what you needed to do to recharge and relax. this week, took a different turn, blog-wise as we suffered a loss, though reflection and a post about it helped –

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    1. Haha! I am stealing this! I’ve been numerically challenged since double digit subtraction in 4th grade…so many essays written about my lack of math skills!…wish I had heard this sooner!

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      1. great! p.s. my sister and i found out through a bit of research, and a lot of getting lost and spatial skill and math issues that we have a reason. there is a thing called dyscalculia, similar to dyslexia, but with some math and spatial reasoning skills affected. even some practical applications like following a list of written directions. this is where they said you’ll never change this, just learn how to adapt to the world, like using landmarks instead of cardinal directions, but you will have stronger literacy skills. think of it as kind of like being blind and your other senses make up for it, but being stronger.

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  2. How nice to get away from the pressures of life and just relax, doing what you really want. This has been my life in retirement, except I have filled my days with activities others have asked me to take on. I’m seeing now, as we are coming out of the pandemic, that I am going to change things in the next year, and it’s going to be a bit more about just me. Writing will definitely be at the head of the list.

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    1. I think the pandemic has been a great catalyst in helping us see what we’re “doing” that doesn’t really serve us, or what we need. Good luck in eliminating those outside things and focusing on your writing 🙂


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