Dear Reader 5.16.21

Dear Reader,

No, you’re not seeing things. It’s catch-up time with a post-dated title. Remember, I’m a Taurus sun and Taurus moon. If I don’t follow an established pattern of behavior, no matter how belated, the world will descend into chaos…lol.

I thought I’d type this yesterday, as is my usual Sunday ritual at the coffeeshop, but I forgot that I’d volunteered to help out the people who maintain the bike trail near my home where I walk at least 5 days a week. Of course it was during my coffee shop time, so my entire day was all over the place. I managed to do the work for them, get my very backlogged yardwork and garage work done, thoroughly clean my bedroom and kitchen (the kitchen in prep for a 90-day healthy eating challenge I’m doing soon…goodbye chocolate chips…), get some homework completed for my meditation teacher training, and other various tasks.

None of which included catching up with you all. So here I am, a day late and a proverbial dollar (or more) short. Really, last week was uneventful in the ways of writing with the exception of journal acceptance for a poem I wrote back in January. Impossible to believe that I will actually be a published poet. Not because of the writing itself, but because I have never imagined myself as a poet. I’ve written smatterings of poetry on and off in my journals, even wrote one to my favorite athlete after an injury while I was in high school (because every college basketball player LOVES to read sonnets about himself, right? That one still makes me laugh to think about), but nothing ever with the intention of publication. Looks like COVID and quarantine kicked that to the curb! It’s a sweet piece about a two people on their first first date after being locked down for months. I love it most because it’s true :). I’ll share more details when it’s out this summer.

In the meantime, how is your own writing? I’m excited for summer because I have massive writing plans, and the energy at the end of the school year to clean the classroom, tie up loose ends and prep for next year is too much for me to keep up with and maintain a decent writing clip. I’ll be glad on June 5 when I can sleep in, spend my morning with a coffee on my deck, and write until the sun goes down. Until that moment…

Happy writing!