Monthly Archives: June 2021

Giving Yourself Permission

On a whim and in a moment that seemed a good idea, a few weeks ago I started recording my writing time in little time-lapse chunks (90 minutes comes out to about :30 seconds, without editing) and posting it to my Instagram. At the end of the insanity that was last year’s school year, not […]

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On Getting Lost in Creativity

All day long, I put off working on my writing project. I know I needed to sit and get down thoughts, but couldn’t find the energy But only after putting on my pjs last night did I feel like sitting and writing. I’m glad I did—that’s the thing about creativity—you are always glad you did […]

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On Writing Experiments and Birthdays

I’ve been writing. Honest. Actually, more than I have in quite some time. At the end of May, I felt myself fall into a funk that even writing couldn’t improve. I know writing will bring me back to myself, as it always has, but couldn’t muster the energy to give a shit about words. For […]

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