Meditation #3

Gratitude has become my companion and lover in the way no mortal can or could For no matter the weather or way love is but a breath away and can be taken by no one ... Image courtesy S. Hermann & F. Richter via Pixabay

Meditation #2

Happiness isn't living in a perpetual weirded-out state full of rainbows and unicorns and fluffy bliss. It's awareness and ability to grant space and grace to less-than-perfect moments in the external world so you can examine them with perspective and decide how to integrate them into the flow of the truths you hold in your …

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I Am Not Ready

I finally mustered the bravery and courage this morning to look at the rosters of my upcoming school year, a symbolic moment of every August, that day I officially end the oft-quoted by non-teacher narrative of living the "Oh, you're so lucky you're a teacher because you get summers off to lie about swimming pools …

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Everyday Poem #18

Is it true? Ask these razor-sharp words your mind shouts at your heart when obstacles block your progress when hurt dulls your happiness when indigo uncertainty spreads inky clouds of fear in your chest Breathe while you wait for that compassion and love you so freely give others to float down into that feather-soft space …

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Everyday Poem #17

Beneath the broken yolk of sunrise, flowers like gauze-- planted by moonbeam shafts streaming once white and singular and watered by the moon dreams of whispers between things never imagined-- blossom at my feet ruby emerald sapphire amethyst citrine shimmering with diamond dew. I ache to pluck and gather lovely blooms in my fist For …

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Everyday Poem #15a

I woke up at five am only to journal and walk and coffee and journal again (the second time with John Mayer) writing two things: one poem about broken promises that needs a rewrite for a happier ending (my heart and my readers agree) one ridiculously rough pre-first draft of a humorous epistolic-essay-love letter (it …

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