Friday Funnies

I'm running on fumes today, and with trick-or-treat being last night (and kids being loaded to the gills and backpacks with candy today), I am getting through in whatever way I can. === This meme summarizes my yesterday so perfectly, I almost think Pinterest was listening to my conversations. It probably did, knowing social media …

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Wednesday’s Words

In my Monday post (and yesterday's post as well), I mentioned that over the last few years, the number of synchronicities with seemingly-random words coming into my awareness and proliferating of their own accord has increased. Whether this is because I love words and their nuances, or because I'm reading more (for coursework and pleasure, …

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Tuesday Truths

I've often quipped that Tuesday is simply Monday's ugly little sister. No one wakes up excited to see Monday, part 2, so I think I need to retire this retort. The universe agreed with me, popping this gem into my Pinterest timeline this morning: Lesson learned. Tuesday is now its own entity. Most people …

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Sunday Reflections

The most I will need at any time in these months to stay warm is a hoodie, maybe a long sleeved something, and my insulation. I wish the whole year had the sunlight of late June with the temperatures of late November.