Tuesday Truths

I’ve often quipped that Tuesday is simply Monday’s ugly little sister. No one wakes up excited to see Monday, part 2, so I think I need to retire this retort. The universe agreed with me, popping this gem into my Pinterest timeline this morning:

Lesson learned. Tuesday is now its own entity. Most people only care about Friday, anyway.


Maintaining the thread of dreams, (do you remember yours? Do you write them down?), last night featured several bits and pieces. The one that lingered was a recurring dream I have had for several years where I dream that someone in my life who died (the same person, every time) is living in an alternate universe as a different person, and it rattles me to my core. Every time I have this dream, I have to wake myself up going backwards out of the dream (it’s lucid, so it’s very real to me), taking one step at a time toward consciousness, until I remember that I saw this person dead and that they did not simply evaporate from this reality and move to another one (I envision it much like the transporter in the old Star Treks I watched with my dad). It’s always a little bit jarring to come out of that dream. I can’t help wonder what it means.


Monday evenings I teach a meditation class on Zoom for my local yoga studio. I design it so the students feel safe to fall asleep in their meditations on the other end, and I close out the Zoom. Kind of like a live guided meditation. This time I used a script I had written myself, not one from my meditation teacher training, featuring a deep sensory walk through autumn. It amazes me how I feel after teaching meditation, as though I was also a student, just not one who goes as deeply into myself as the others. I started recording these scripts for a few friends who were struggling with insomnia and they were a huge hit. I am considering doing that again. I enjoy sharing my writing and guiding people to relax in this way. I am a Taurus after all, and if we know anything, it’s how to sleep and eat.


Ironically, I spent part of last night in the kitchen as well. One of my oldest friends is coming into town this weekend with his neighborhood group of guys who come from North Carolina to Ohio for one Ohio State football game a year, and although I do not tailgate anymore, they always request two things from me: Jello shots and Buckeyes. I love eating buckeyes (see Taurus reference above), but they’re so time-consuming to make. Last night I made the peanut butter centers, and Thursday night we will dip them into their chocolate coats. It’s a comforting recipe, one I used to make yearly with my grandma Alice at Christmas, so the tedium is offset by nostalgia.

Tedium is a neat word. I might add that to my list of words this week.


I was an outlier for Pajama Day yesterday. Even the principal wore pajamas (on her birthday, no less! Happy birthday, boss!). Today is Twin BFF day. I have two choices: I can wear the blue shirt/black pants combo that we use to make sure everyone feels included (that’s big for middle school kids), or dress in all hot pink and wear my unicorn headband…and carry a stuffed pink unicorn around with me all day. If you know me, this is not a stretch in any way. I have a thing for unicorns. Some of us never left middle school, right? It’s tipping toward blue and black, to be honest. Still debating what I’m doing for 80s day on Friday. I’m open to suggestions.


Yesterday I started a new book during silent reading time. I finished The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo last week–highly recommended for teen readers, especially girls. I’ve had a copy of My Last Eight Thousand Days: An American Male in His Seventies by Lee Gutkind on my shelf for a few weeks and cracked it open. He chronicles and explores the idea of aging in his very researchy and expositiony way, and I am loving it. The correlation of the first two chapters to some thoughts I have had myself on birthdays astounded me. The beautiful thing people often forget about writing, once the words and lyric and plot fall away, is how much it reveals our similarities. How much it makes us feel so not all alone on this planet. Looking forward to more during reading time today.


And so Tuesday must begin whether we want it to or not. Here’s wishing you one more fabulous than Monday.


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  1. Tuesday is only slightly prettier than Monday. Only because it isn’t Monday.. in my humble opinion 😂

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