Friday Funnies

I’m running on fumes today, and with trick-or-treat being last night (and kids being loaded to the gills and backpacks with candy today), I am getting through in whatever way I can.


This meme summarizes my yesterday so perfectly, I almost think Pinterest was listening to my conversations. It probably did, knowing social media these days.


I told myself we were not going to talk school again today here on the blog, but I learned so much about To Kill A Mockingbird yesterday from my classroom sorority sister/gifted teacher Janice that I couldn’t let it slip by unnoticed. I have often had the thought of the idea of the meme above, thinking back on my days of learning about Lord of the Flies from Mrs. Quinif and all the things in my Shakespeare class at Youngstown State and Victorian lit classes from Ohio State and combining those with the fact that I’m an author myself (not in those genres, however). I wonder if anyone infers meanings from my writings that I didn’t do deliberately? I can only imagine how sad that person’s life must be to try to find meaning between the lines that wasn’t there to start with. I’m a pretty literal creature by nature, and if I intend you to read sarcasm or melancholy or some other subtlety, I don’t hide it well. My brain doesn’t work like that.


As a journaler, I have tried all forms of journaling known to mankind over my 47 odd years of being able to write. Yesterday I found myself back at the intersection of art and journaling in my dot journal, picking up bullet journaling where I left off a year or so ago. This time I took it to the next level, sketching out a page in which to keep track of the movies I’m starting to watch. I’m not a movie watcher. I have nothing against movies–I like them. But when I was writing fiction, in my former life, I would get about one-third through a movie and have a brilliant idea for a story I was working on, which made it a struggle finish the movie with attention while trying to maintain the though of what I wanted to write. I don’t know if this is still true since I’ve transitioned to nonfiction and memoir/essay because I haven’t seen enough movies to notice any correlation. I am becoming my own science experiment, and I want to at least have a pretty representation of that in my bullet journal.


We discussed favorite and least favorite Halloween candy yesterday in class. Here are my results:

Least favorite:

  1. Black licorice or anise flavored anything
  2. Necco wafers (kids had no idea what these were…)
  3. Smarties, Sprees, hard fruit anything
  4. Sour anything
  5. As a kid, Mary Jane candy. Now, I don’t mind them but we don’t cross paths.

Most favorite:

  1. Chocolate anything
  2. 100 Grand bars
  3. Almond Joy
  4. Kraft caramels
  5. Tootsie rolls

Do you have faves & least faves? Have they changed over the years?


Do you ever get tired on Fridays thinking of how busy you weekends will be? I am in that space today. Tomorrow is football all day. Not tiring in a bad way, but I know I will be busy and extroverted when I’d rather be quiet and introverted. It will be worth it with a night game with friends at Ohio Stadium, which is one of the most beautiful things in life. But I’m also teaching yoga Sunday morning, which leads to a type of tiredness in itself until class is over. Plus I have to prep and pack for a yearly getaway next weekend with my friends who’ve become family…so much crammed into one two-day period I’m already exhausted. I wish weekends were three days long, and work weeks were four days long…


Here’s wishing you a great Friday no matter what you’re facing.


6 thoughts on “Friday Funnies

  1. Journalofthegrey

    To Kill A mockingbird was the first book I read and actually enjoyed. Even I was amazed!

    Black liquorice rocks! It’s kind of like me… it’s an acquired taste… 🤦‍♂️


      1. Journalofthegrey


        I’m kidding. I tend to tease a lot… and I have deplorable social skills. I’ll leave you alone before you run me off 🤦‍♂️😆

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      2. Journalofthegrey

        Except for bloggers who talk too much about the goofiest things 🙄

        Hey, my name is John, by the way. I thought I should at least introduce myself since I’ve held you up this long lol.

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