Five-Word Friday

Thanks to the magic of scheduling, I wrote this yesterday before heading out of town for my annual reunion with my diabetic camp fam. Nine in all, we find our way back together for a weekend in a cabin together, though life has scattered us all over the US. Eating, drinking, sleeping, telling stories we’ve forgotten over our 30+ years together, telling stories we wish everyone would forget 30+ years later…this is my Christmas. Every one of these people were a gift from my brother. We will spend time missing him as well.

In my blog absence, I’m leaving you a five-word prompt to be answered in five words. Leave it as a comment, or answer it on your blog and link back…or just consider it to yourself:

What are you grateful for?

I’ll go first:

Lifelong friends who’ve become family.

What say you? Have a fab Friday!


One thought on “Five-Word Friday

  1. Diabetic camp, heh? My husband worked at a diabetic youth camp when he was in high school. I rarely see mention of such a place except when he talks of those summers he worked in the kitchen there. Enjoy your time with good friends.


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