Ohio Stadium Saturday II

Another Buckeye football home game Saturday, another day in the streak. I am a little sad this is the last full year I will be attending all home games, but I will be still going to some, so it’s not like I’m leaving forever. I think I might even pick up on an old bucket list item–to travel to a game in every Big 10 stadium. Or maybe I’ll just learn to love my couch on Saturday afternoons. That’s so easy to do…

My son just reminded me we open up with Notre Dame next year, and you better know I will be front and center for that one. The only mark against my streak is the one game I missed in 1995 when I coached high school volleyball: Notre Dame at Ohio Stadium. If you know anything of the game, it still hurts my heart every time I see *that* photo of Eddie George pulling away from the defense. (You know what picture I’m talking about, Buckeye Nation). PM had this as a poster and I made him put it in his classroom instead of our basement for years because it hurt too much. (PS: My volleyball team was undefeated that year and won the tournament that September day, so it was a good day. But it still stings.)

The only game I’ve missed in 29 years.

A teaching colleague who works on the field at the stadium told me he took today off because it’s going to be too cold for him. That’s not only blasphemous, it’s against midwestern football. Cold is what makes football great. Three hoodies, two pairs of jeans, earmuffs and toboggans. Maybe today will only be two hoodies. I’ve never left a game early. Ever. This game, the entire section of 11C left and I sat by myself in my pointless poncho. It was so peaceful. I’ve forgotten the game (I’m sure J. remembers, he always does), but the rain is what I remember. Sheets and sheets.

The game wasn’t over. We still had to sing Carmen Ohio.

Obviously watching so much football, I’ve seen a lot of band shows. I was a big band geek growing up, even made it to the ranks of field commander my senior year. Did I ever want to be in TBDBITL? Bet your last dollar I did. But we didn’t move back to Columbus until what was my 4th year of college. By then I had a baby and a husband and three more years of college to finish because universities refused to grant credit for past classes–another rant for another blog post. So I just daydreamed.

Quad Script Ohio on an Alumni Band day.

The best halftime shows include pyrotechnics. Many might say it’s the way the band has learned to make almost live graphics from marching, but nothing beats a good firework to wake up the old folk at the ‘Shoe. You can always see if there will be fireworks from the setup on the opposite side (the visitor’s sideline). If you see them setting little black things that look like cans on yard markers, you can bet you’ll hear a blast…

I don’t recall the band show but the firework photography skills I had that day were above and beyond.

Halftime fireworks at Ohio Stadium

I have more to share, but we will have one final game next weekend, so fear not. In the meantime, Go Buckeyes and have an absolutely beautiful Saturday afternoon.