Thursday Thanks

I am nearing the end of my meditation teacher training journey and have only one task left to complete: my practicum/final project/student teaching video. Unlike my 7-12 English teaching certification, which required 9 weeks of daily teaching, this one is a one-hour recording of me teaching to a Zoom class. While it’s much shorter, it’s still as nerve-wracking to make sure I do all the things I need to do. Did I welcome the students properly? Did I cover the foundations of Instinctive Meditation well enough? Did I adapt to meet the needs of the person on the other end? Am I compassionate and thorough and providing enough space and accessible and approachable?

We haven’t even talked about the meditation itself yet. Sheesh.

All the logistics aside, I have had several people along on this journey willing to help me out when needed, and I’m reminded of how we can never become something bigger than what we think we are without the help of others. Yes, yes, I know the stories of people pulling themselves up by the bootstraps and forging into life without the gift of a good family, or a strong education, or this or that, but at some point, every single last one of us has had at least one other person in our corner cheering us on that believed in our abilities quite possibly more than we did ourselves at times. For me, those people–my sister, M., and my colleagues S.R, R.H., A.M., and N.B.–have made a world of difference in this journey, and I truly can’t thank them enough. I will try, though, with a special handmade gift when my coursework is turned in for certification.

What about you? Who are the two or three people whose belief in you have occasionally superseded your own? Have you thanked them lately? Fancy isn’t necessary but heartfelt is required. It’s always a pleasure to know we made a difference to someone, however that thanks comes through.

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4 thoughts on “Thursday Thanks

    1. Thank you, friend. Not to sound gushy, but it’s changed my perspective on life and life itself. And all through sitting still and breathing. Who would have thought…?…lol

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      1. i am working on these practices with my kinder in my class, 3s and 4s, and they take very well to it all. i’m not trained but have read a watched a lot, at least enough to get them going, and if they learn now, how wonderful for them to continue as they grow.

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