Why do we assume our lives are linear? Born on this point, die on this point, and the expanse between just a succession of points leading from the first to the last? Time marching in a predictable pattern just to appease our earthly logical brains but not our spiritually aligned hearts?

What if life is actually a jigsaw puzzle of sorts, where we’re given an initial box and expected to piece it together so that it looks exactly like the image on the front of the box, mass produced in a factory with the help of the society that created it, but when fully assembled, has no resonance with our heart?

What if we carefully, intentionally look at pieces outside of ourselves, from the puzzles of others, and begin shaping pieces that fit and can replace ones in the exact shapes in ours, then swap them out slowly and gracefully? And swipe all the pieces we’ve removed, the pieces created by others, off the table, back into the box, and put it on a shelf somewhere?

What pieces would you sneak out of your puzzle and replace with something else? What would you replace them with? Is there a way you can actually begin to do this?

I’d love to hear about your puzzle in the comments.