Thursday Thoughts: Practice

As has become the case with me, I am still mulling my thoughts from earlier this week on patience. I’ve realized over the past two to three years that once a word or concept bubbles up during writing or meditation, I tend to hold on to it and examine it deeply and quite at length.

Today I’m pondering the actual definition of practice. Yes, I can Google. Yes, I can find some stock definition, but I like to deconstruct words not only morphologically, but also energetically. I want to know what energy goes into a word just as much as the roots, prefixes, and suffixes. What I’ve settled on today is that practice has two different flavors of meaning: one, a concentrated repetition of some action, either physical or energetic (emotional, spiritual, mental), without attachment to expectation or outcome, and/or two, repetition of some action, again physical or energetic, for the sake of the experience (both noun and verb), not expectation. To ingrain something in our heads, minds, and body so that it becomes part of us.

Why is my nerd self so deep in this? I am in a place where the forming of specific, purposeful habits is necessary for me going forward, and the best way to establish these habits is through practice. I want to return to yoga as a practice, not an exercise. I want to return to my daily meditation practice with more regularity and less emotional sway. I want to establish a daily art practice and explore Buddhist philosophy and the Sanskrit language. I want my life to be a flow of these practices, not a set expectation of habitual and reactive, non-purposeful behavior. I mean, I am a Taurus sun and moon after all. Habit and routine are what I’m made of…but it’s in the practice that I integrate the most meaningful blocks of those habits and routines.

What practice would you like to cultivate more in your days? I’d love to hear.