Monday Musing in Tarot

I’ve mentioned before here on the blog that I read tarot and oracle cards, and a friend of mine has encouraged me to read a daily card for her for the last few weeks. These are short readings, no more than 3-4 minutes, that I record and she listens to as she starts her day. I must admit I look forward to making them for her. My readings are less external-world specific and more internally energetic, so what I pull for her I find resonates in my day and life as well. My reads fluctuate between traditional interpretations and intuitive sense, depending on what I pick up.

Maybe it’s because I managed to get a peek in at that lunar eclipse last night (stunning…it took my breath away…did you get to see it in your world?) but I feel today’s card has an energetic connection to how the eclipse in Scorpio (the sign of endings, death, and transformation) is meant to remind us that while we may feel the pull to begin moving toward something new in our lives and want to bring about change in whatever way calls to us, we really need to focus our attention on those things that move us, move our hearts, and let the other things outside of us fall away–which is not a traditional interpretation of the Queen of Cups.

I heard two phrases in my head with this card: “energy goes where attention flows”…and “good things come to those who wait, even in the middle of a storm”. Put your energy into the things that make your heart sing despite the circumstances swirling around you. I suppose we could all use more of that energy.

Have a good Monday!