Tuesday Tarot

Today’s tarot pull revealed the Justice card, from The Good Tarot by Colette Baron-Reid.

A few key teachings on the Justice card:

  1. It is a major arcana card, one of the 22 cards with a larger and more collective energy than the 56 minor arcana, which I correlate with an individual’s more day-to-day energy.
  2. She carries a scale in one hand and a sword in the other, suggesting that justice and truth will prevail in situations, even if force is necessary. However, I don’t feel that type of energy in today’s read.
  3. Justice often has a connotation with karmic energy and situations.

In the Justice card from this deck, what I notice most is:

  1. The presence of a massive full moon in the background, which signify emotions and things we cannot see. So perhaps today’s message is less about our consciousness and more about balance and karmic balance in the unseen and energetic realm.
  2. The figure in most Justice cards are blindfolded or have their eyes covered. This deck features Justice with a mask, and her eyes are fully open and aware. Perhaps this indicates something we have felt needing to be dealt with but have not felt ready to face, but with the current strength of the full moon, we are willing to approach.
  3. The sword seems to have a highlight or special glimmer to it I haven’t noticed before. In keeping with the Queen of Cups energy from yesterday’s reading, maybe those things that we need to begin releasing will be more easily let go of in today’s energy than in yesterday’s. A sharpened sword cuts almost painlessly, after all.

Take what resonates, leave what does not.

What energy do you notice when you breathe and linger over this card? I’d love to hear in the comments.