Deep Relaxation Meditation: Clarity

Many of us think about the things we would like to have fall away, that don’t serve us anymore, or things that no longer feel aligned with our hearts and are not on our path. This can include people, situations, jobs…anything, really, that simply fails to move us forward.

The ‘after’ of these decisions is an incredibly transformative space where, if held and honored without expectation or hurry, can alter the course of our lives.

A number of different situations inspired this meditation. One, the comments from teaching colleagues after teaching a short yoga sequence and savasana that have lingered in my head for two weeks. Two, my own massive life change of leaving twenty-seven years of classroom teaching behind over the next nine days and all that dredges up. Three, a desire to practice a few techniques from the Yoga Nidra training I finished over spring break. Most of all, because my usual Monday night meditation class decided to skip and left me with an open space to record whatever I felt called to explore. I love how each of these tiny, seemingly unrelated pieces combines itself into words and, ultimately, a meditative experience I can share.

So this meditation is not designed for those trying to find a way to let go and release, but for those seeking more of an exploration of what we do in that space after we have decided to let go, in that space where we need to rediscover our clarity.

Make some space and take some time for yourself to sink in and relax. Oh, and if you do listen, I’d love to know what you experienced. Enjoy!