Today’s Tiny Joy: Sadie Mae

Where did you find today’s tiny joy? For me, it was simple, but certainly not tiny: the big-hearted and hard-wagging tail of my parents’ black lab (my furry sister, as I call her), Sadie Mae. Here, she gave me a sad face because she wasn’t allowed more treats after dinner. Please don’t worry–she is not neglected, despite the sad eyes.

She brings me such joy whenever I visit the parents. Hope you found joy in your day, too. Til tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Today’s Tiny Joy: Sadie Mae

  1. Lainie Levin

    Where there is dog, there is joy. Your Sadie May looks like such a love! How old is she? I happen to be typing this comment with not one, but TWO pooped-out doggos at my feet. Well…not totally pooped out. I’m guessing all it takes is for me to throw the ball that’s 4 feet away from me and the nonsense will start up again. Gotta love the companionship.


    1. She’s my parents’ 3 year old black lab. Impossible to remember she was just a tiny little ball of fur at one time!

      Nothing can beat the love of a dog. A life without a dog is unimaginable. Hugs to your furry pals!


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