Today’s Tiny Joy: Space to Process

To be honest, this isn’t a time-lapse from today. It’s from the porch of mom’s cabin on Saturday when I was able to spend time with my morning pages while a new friend (watch closely!) nibbled on grass.

I did the same today, as I do every day, except today was in my own house on my own couch. Not quite as beautiful or inspiring as the cabin, I think you’d agree. But I’m immensely grateful that I’m able to have time in my days to process my life as it comes at me. Not everyone is so fortunate, and not everyone has the desire.

I have been battling lots of overwhelming thoughts, which is unusual for me. Today’s space was magical, liminal, and helped me see the reality of some of my mind’s created illusions. Clarity is such a beautiful thing.

How did you spend your Sunday? Where did you find your tiny joy?