Morning Pages: Release

I’ve had a Morning Pages practice since it crossed my path in Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way yearrrs ago. Journaling 3 pages each and every morning, nonstop, has helped me, kept me afloat, and changed my life in numerous ways

I have struggled with allowing people to see my creative side forever, and struggle to connect with people in general in an authentic way, so about a year or more ago, I started doing these little time lapse videos of my Morning Page sessions on my Instagram, and added a caption/voiceover of whatever came up in my writing or was heavy on my mind in an effort to be ‘seen’ as a creative by others—and myself.

I’m diving back in, and like my Tiny Joys, want to establish it in my daily practice. If you want to see them before they’re here, I’m attempting to post them in the evenings on my IG (@buckeye_bethm).

Let me know what you think—



2 thoughts on “Morning Pages: Release

  1. Morning pages are awesome! It’s one of the reasons how I’ve grown to know myself better. I destroy my pages after I’m done, so there’s full freedom to express whatever I want, and it’s great to see my thoughts on paper to understand why I feel a certain way. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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