Today’s Tiny Joy: Electricity

An unconfirmed tornado through my parents’ county and resultant rolling blackouts in my county combined with a low-key but energetic Father’s Day weekend have kept me offline since last Monday.

Thankfully, my parents avoided the massive damage sustained by many around them, and I was able to make it through three 100 degree days without AC, fans, or honestly, even a breeze.

Perhaps electricity qualifies more as a big, fat, huge, juicy joy than a tiny joy. Either way, I’ve never been more grateful to hear the gentle whir of the fan punctuate a hot, humid mid-June afternoon than I was Thursday.

How was your week and weekend? What tiny joys did you discover?

2 thoughts on “Today’s Tiny Joy: Electricity

  1. Sorry you are without power, and in a heatwave, nonetheless. Every day I give thanks for electricity, running water, a roof over my head, and all the conveniences those things provide for me.


    1. Fortunately, it’s all fixed now. Being without electricity is a nuisance in some ways, but really opens up our eyes to how lucky we are to have it without effort. Hope you’re well!

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