Today’s Tiny Joy: A New Flow Class with S.

For the second time this week, I’ve ventured into a new class outside my comfort zone–albeit this time as a student. Mornings are my time for flow–walk, write, meditation, yoga–in that order. Quite frankly, I love feeling the expansion of myself into the world as the sunlight begins to expand over the earth. I am undoubtedly a morning person, but not *that* kind of morning person. A more private and introspective morning person, if you will.

Despite this, I allowed S. to convince me to join her in a flow class at 9:30 this morning. Rather than sidling up to my MacBook and pounding out a page or two of text, I found myself in the studio, mat parallel with S’s, immersed in one of the loveliest flow classes I’ve taken in some time. I tend to be fearful of classes that are simply labeled ‘Flow’, because that could mean a practice with all the up-down-vinyasa type action of a Catholic wedding ceremony, and those are not my vibe. While I started my yoga journey as a devotee of the Ashtanga Primary series 30+ years ago, I prefer something deeper and more intentional in my daily practice. Today’s class did not disappoint, and I’m grateful for S. for edging me just a bit outside of that more solitary comfort zone that I tend to prefer and fall into by habit.

Where was your tiny joy today? I’d love to hear!