4 Steps to Overcoming “Not Enough”

Today had a different plan for me than usual. I felt drawn to record rather than write. The impromptu nature of the video, still in my walking clothes, with my hair a mess and the remnants of a marathon cleaning session yesterday in my background, are really, really, really gnawing at me to not post this, redo it, and put up a polished version. Trust me, I know what you see is not Instagram beautiful or even social-media acceptable, but I’m challenging both of us to overcome preconceptions.

What I’m really, really, REALLY drawn to is the vulnerability and truth of what I felt I needed to say. I actually attempted to write it down, thinking it was a blog post or short essay, but the words would not flow through my freshly-inked Lamy Safari fountain pen into my notebook. The only thing I felt was that speaking–and sharing–the truth of that moment this morning was to record and publish it.

I process by writing, that’s true. But I have also discovered that I process by speaking, sharing, and teaching. Perhaps none of this video is any of those things, or perhaps there’s a little nugget of something useful in there for you on your journey. Neither of those are choices for me to make.

The only thing I know is that I was drawn to share. You get to take it from that point. If you did find something useful, or would like to comment, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I’m off to nail down the rest of my day, now that I no longer feel I’m lacking. Hope your Sunday is amazing!