Morning Miles: Camp Chase Trail

Today’s 3-mile trek on the Camp Chase Trail had an ethereal edge, thanks to the thick blanket of fog that settled in overnight.

Don’t worry, we’re just doing three miles. The furthest I’ve done (walking, anyway) is six, one way. One of these days I’ll make one of those other markers. Just not today.

This was actually the halfway point. I tried to enjoy the walk without my phone, but there was such a vibe, a presence from the fog, that I talked myself into snapping a few photos. I don’t know if the sun is actually in a rare spot between the clouds or if it’s managing to outshine the grey surrounding it, but it’s quite a punctuation point.

I’m infinitely fascinated by water droplets on leaves and petals, so I couldn’t resist making a study of this sparkling blade. I wish I really knew how to use a camera so these would look more professional, but it’s lovely nonetheless.

This grape leaf was exquisite, water beads like jewels on a crown. I saw it shimmering long before I reached it, and couldn’t make it all fit in the frame to do it justice.

I met a squirrelly new friend, too. One of about three dozen out and about on the trail. He’s the only one who didn’t scatter when I passed by. Or maybe he just wanted a selfie!

2.5 miles in and the fog seemed to mostly lift, still slightly smoky over the tracks to the left.

Although a bit out of focus, I had to snap this one since a friend and I just discussed the spiritual symbolism of feathers earlier this week. It doesn’t matter how your mind tries to rationalize a sign from spirit–if your heart feels it’s got meaning, then it’s got meaning.

One last snap before the creek itself and the end of our walk.

I never tire of water, bridges, railroad tracks, blue sky, and a shifted perspective. Probably why this is one of my favorite walks on the entirety of the Ohio to Erie Trail, and in the MetroParks system.