6 Short Days Ago

What were you thinking when you sent this?

“This would be a nice, final text for her to see for the next 40 years as she questions the validity of our past 40 years of love and friendship together?”

“Maybe there’s hope for us after all?”

“Should I call her and tell her the dark thoughts are back with a vengeance? Does she want to be bothered? Does she have time for me?”

“So glad I get to end this all in less than 24 hours?”

“I hope she doesn’t reply and change my mind?”

“I know I promised to see a therapist 13 days, but I lied to her face on Friday just to get her off my back?”

“I wish I would have hugged you tighter outside that bar, because you deserved more of me than this?”

“That’s good enough for a goodbye?”