Mindful Meditation Project, Day 2: Inviting Feelings

Today’s meditation was a little less swirly than yesterday’s. Yes, that’s a technical term. Yesterday when I sat for my 30 minutes, as I shared in the video, I have been quite lax in sitting for my meditation practice due to a number of life shifts and events. So the whirl of thoughts was no surprise as I have not been tending them well, if at all.

With that space under my belt, I was able to sit into my practice this morning with fewer wild thoughts and a bit more intention. I didn’t explicitly choose an intention, but I am trying to sense around the edges of a new opportunity that was offered to me in the last week to see whether or not I am genuinely, at a heart level, interested in considering it seriously.

That was the purpose of my practice, though if you watch my wrapup video below, you’ll see that I also explored the idea of meditation being a place in which we can invite the feelings we attempt to outrun in an effort to fully feel, learn from, and ultimately release them.

When I started with this idea, I did not anticipate giving homework, but it seems a good way to try meditation without the investment of needing all the things we think we need (which we don’t) to start a practice. I guess it’s natural…after all, I am a teacher, even if I no longer have a classroom.

If you’re curious, I’d love for you to watch and let me know your thoughts either here on the blog or on the YouTube video itself.

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