Mindful Meditation Project, Day 4: Cultivating Presence

Today’s practice was a journey of awareness. I woke up early with a headache, not migraine strength though still annoying, and proceeded to sit. In a past version of myself, I would be tempted to dismiss my practice because I didn’t feel well, but having come to a deeper appreciation for the act of meditating for the purpose of facing discomfort, I dove in.

Yesterday’s energy of sadness in my practice was today replaced by something more akin to a state of nothing tinged with sadness. There was a light, crispy edge of sadness that really didn’t linger once I got deeper into my flow of breath and awareness. My thoughts floated back to yesterday afternoon and a wonderful long summer afternoon lunch with a teaching colleague turned friend, then an evening of writing and planning. The headache was still there and pinged on and off through my thoughts, but I refused to let it give me any excuses to stop.

I felt the time passed quickly this morning. Some days the 30 minutes seems like hours, but when I opened my eyes to rejoin the world, the sunrise spotted my floor, filtered through the crabapple tree leaves outside my window, and I felt refreshed. The headache lingered, but it didn’t stop me.

Today’s homework is always an interesting experience for those who have not sat outside the busy-ness of life and simply observed a singular moment. It’s also one of my ultimate favorites, noticing and naming those things in our immediate reality around us. I’d love for you to try, and let me know how it goes for you. In the meantime, wishing you a headache-free day.


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