Mindful Meditation Project, Day 13: Modern World Meditation

Today’s practice was a journey, for real. I anticipated sitting to explore an image my yoga teacher shared in this morning’s class, but instead I investigated a recurring, deep theme that has followed me for all of my adult life.

Taking a step back to see where the teaching was for me to share with you, I realized that it’s in this idea that we have to somehow have a silent mind or detach from the world around us to meditate in this modern world.

It breaks my heart when students tell me they don’t meditate because they can’t empty their minds. Well, of course you can’t…we live in a chaotic world full of life, energy, and action. We are no longer required to take time away to become monks in a monastery by renouncing everything and everyone in our lives in order to explore ourselves and our spiritual path.

If you’ve ever had this thought, or struggled against yourself because you have thoughts during meditation (and beat yourself up over it), this is for you. The practice, while a bit advanced for the beginning meditator, invites us to explore something we normally try to push away to be “better” at meditating.

As always, let me know what you think in the comments.