Mindful Meditation Project, Day 5: Perfectly Imperfect

Are we imperfectly perfect or perfectly imperfect? Is this all in our semantics? I see these as the same--we work to be perfect outside of ourselves (where we perceive imperfection) while at the same time, we are simply perfect. This duality is incredibly hard to comprehend when we have come from the traditionally trained and conditioned mindset that we are in no way, shape, or form perfect in anything, which is the cause of so much of our own self-inflicted suffering.

Mindful Meditation Project, Day 3: Feeling Into the Heart Space

What an interesting meditation practice this morning. Despite having the background and training of being a meditation teacher, I'm always curious about new experiences in my process, and today what I realized was how the energy of one singular day--less than 24 hours, actually--can be so intensely and drastically different. Yesterday's practice was fairly light, …

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Sunday Reflections

My dog sitting gig with the lovable and laughable Miss Curly is over, since her family of boys come home this evening from their trip to Florida. I know she'll be over the moon. I'll miss her tail therapy and walking wisdom, for sure.

Missing Walking

I find myself craving a good, long, five or six mile trail walk starting at sunrise. Not quite sure why--Aries in Taurus, perhaps? Or the full grand conjunction in my sign? Impossible to know. I think most of it stems from needing, longing, and wanting to be doing something different with my life (Uranus in Taurus, y'all...) and not knowing exactly what.

One Soul, One Day, Two Men

I may have to sit in meditation more than once if only to keep myself afloat. I'm really grateful that someone higher than me (Spirit, God, Jesus, Allah, Buddha, whatever you need to name it) was looking out for me and had my psychologist schedule an appointment for this afternoon before any of this was anticipated. Sometimes others know more than us, and trusting in that is a bigger message.

The Danger of the Stories We Tell Ourselves

So many of us fall into the pattern of believing what we think, when so very little of it is the truth. We believe what we're told, we believe what people do and say about us. We think people are whispering and gossiping about us, and when they do, that behavior is about them and not us. What others say about us (if they even do, at all), is not about our reality, it's about their perception. It's how they see us, not how we are.