Betsy + Billy C.

Just like that Monday, so long ago my answer will be yes. every time, yes. to every question, yes again and again, yes the way it was when we were together. until the demons are gone, yes and you can join me under that blanket, yes and your heart beats under my ear again Yes and yes and yes. I've never not loved you, my big goof.

An Experiment in Being Fully Present

Leaving something to do later, or because 'no one else will see it' is leaving a sort of energetic open-end, and that tends to tangle the energy (and aesthetics). Taking a moment to be present as we end a situation or moment has a different feel, a solid energy.

Today’s Tiny Joy: A New Flow Class with S.

I tend to be fearful of classes that are simply labeled 'Flow', because that could mean a practice with all the up-down-vinyasa type action of a Catholic wedding ceremony, and those are not my vibe. While I started my yoga journey as a devotee of the Ashtanga Primary series 30+ years ago, I prefer something deeper and more intentional in my daily practice. Today's class...