Dear Reader 11.15.20

Dear Reader, What an utterly dreary midwestern fall-winter day. On the far edge of fall and the front edge of winter, I woke up to a downpour of bone-cold rain and melancholy gray skies to match. As luck has it, my favorite Sunday-writing coffee shop (don’t worry, we’re all masked and hand-sanitized to the hilt), …

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Pandemic Poem #38

In that space of knowing Something needs to be done But not knowing What it is What to do Where to go How to say it What to feel I lace my sneakers  And press the soles into soil softened  By an overnight rainstorm In that space of knowing  I should be writing  But not …

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How to Beat Perfection

Fighting against perfection is an impossible battle. Impossible to play by the rules, impossible to win. Most of the time, we know better. But dammit if something doesn’t spark a return to that negative place when we least expect it.📚Last weekend I found myself triggered during the exploration of wheel pose in yoga teacher training …

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Dear Reader 11.1.20

Dear Reader, Thank you for stopping by this week! It’s an absolute shock to realize we have entered November, the gateway to all things festive and holiday, when it seems that we just joined spring and the longer, sunnier days. It seems COVID has a way of either compressing life to make the passage of …

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Words Don’t Wait

Funny thing about writing–once you shift from seeing your days as minutes and hours to moments and emotions, you get no say in who, what, where, when, and why story fragments show up.📚Trying to stop the words until you’re ready, with paper, pencil, peace, and a perfectly poured cup of coffee only makes them tumble …

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Dear Reader 9.20.20

Dear Reader, Thanks for stopping by the blog, or clicking through. If you’ve noticed I haven’t posted since late July, it’s not from a lack of want. I am actually having the opposite creative issue: I am writing too long and too deeply to post. I started this blog when I was bitten with the …

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