Words Don’t Wait

Funny thing about writing–once you shift from seeing your days as minutes and hours to moments and emotions, you get no say in who, what, where, when, and why story fragments show up.đź“šTrying to stop the words until you’re ready, with paper, pencil, peace, and a perfectly poured cup of coffee only makes them tumble …

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Dear Reader 9.20.20

Dear Reader, Thanks for stopping by the blog, or clicking through. If you’ve noticed I haven’t posted since late July, it’s not from a lack of want. I am actually having the opposite creative issue: I am writing too long and too deeply to post. I started this blog when I was bitten with the …

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On Writing During a Crisis

Originally posted on BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog:
By Beth Morrow I made a new acquaintance recently who, in his days before three kids, a job in administration, and a divorce, had been an active and productive writer. He lauded me each evening for having sat down during this pandemic to flesh out the essays in…

Instagram Poem #2

Do not be the concrete pier
anchored firmly in the mud
Do not be the path ahead
that falters in the flood

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Instagram Poem #1

Watch this! Spirit commanded with a shout
as sentient beings lumbered out
of their hibernations where
their skins had become pale and fair

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