One Soul, One Day, Two Men

I may have to sit in meditation more than once if only to keep myself afloat. I'm really grateful that someone higher than me (Spirit, God, Jesus, Allah, Buddha, whatever you need to name it) was looking out for me and had my psychologist schedule an appointment for this afternoon before any of this was anticipated. Sometimes others know more than us, and trusting in that is a bigger message.

The Danger of the Stories We Tell Ourselves

So many of us fall into the pattern of believing what we think, when so very little of it is the truth. We believe what we're told, we believe what people do and say about us. We think people are whispering and gossiping about us, and when they do, that behavior is about them and not us. What others say about us (if they even do, at all), is not about our reality, it's about their perception. It's how they see us, not how we are.

Betsy + Billy C.

Just like that Monday, so long ago my answer will be yes. every time, yes. to every question, yes again and again, yes the way it was when we were together. until the demons are gone, yes and you can join me under that blanket, yes and your heart beats under my ear again Yes and yes and yes. I've never not loved you, my big goof.