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Instagram Poem #5

Sometimes we need to take
one step back
from the chaos
in the world
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Teacher Pandemic Poem #2

Our last class discussion
was devoted
to calming the fears
of eleven year olds

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Teacher Pandemic Poem #1

The children you want to send to my classroom

in the fall

are not

the same children who left my classroom

in the winter.

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AM Pandemic Poem #1


is non-billable therapy for


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Happy Poem #1

When was




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Pandemic Poem #37

Are you going to be

the same person

at the end of the pandemic

as you were

at the beginning?

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Pandemic Poem #36

Distilling my day

into words

should not be so difficult.

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Pandemic Poem #35

In July, migraines make mornings start

before meditation and journaling.

The heat you went to bed with

is the heat you wake up with.

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Pandemic Poem #33

Neighborhood, 3.2 Another sleepless night ebbs into a morning of walking

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Pandemic Poem #32

How do people live

the unexamined life?

Why is it so hard

to learn from our mistakes?

To see them as lessons

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