Everyday Poem #1

I sip hot coffee watching July sunrise and shimmer in waves from the potholed black pavement between me and one man walking a peaked rooftop snapping photos of sun-worn shingles and rusted chimney flashing while another man sleeping under a straggly bush no one has trimmed since the casino arrived on West Broad when one …

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Pandemic Poem #34

*originally written 7.2.20 Darby Dan training loop and Greenway trail, 5.52 Sometimes we learn things we have believed for decades to be untrue. Like the wiry, dry flowers lining highways in July are chicory, not cornflowers. (They are both blue) Or that friendships can grow and change and evolve through conflict into something new.

Back-to-School* Pandemic Poem #2

originally written 9.2.20 *remote six a.m. and coffeecoffeecoffee to seven or eight post meridian Eyes glossy and bloodshot from the night before learning not how to slay aliens and other things But how to Zoom without crashing and burning and how do I know my eyes are glossy and bloodshot? Because Zoom tells me.

By the Lake

By the lake in our rented cottage is when we were happiest Our noses burned pink  and freckled cheeks From racing down the beach In those sweltering sunny days of late July Made bearable by breezes That smelled of fish and fresh air That whipped our hair into knots And our Great Lake into white …

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