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Pandemic Poem #29

Why should this be difficult?

Lyrical linkage of worldly words

into phrases and pages

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NYE in Nashville 2020

No dress to press

No boots to scoot 

No lipstick swiped in a rush

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Pandemic Poem #28

Wake at six, nap at nine, second date and three miles from eleven to one

Life has been reduced to numbers.

Connecting the dots correctly

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Pandemic Poem #27

Started out

by sleeping in

First night of more than four hours

in seven days.

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Pandemic Poem #26

bridge with a creek

First date #10.

I matched three Brians on Bumble in one day,

but this was the only one

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Pandemic Poem #25

6 hour Yoga teaching training

Wake early, write.

Give away my day

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Pandemic Poem #24

Ohio Statehouse

Big Run to Alkire 3

Eighty five on 70W

Saturday with the kids

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Pandemic Poem #23

Journal, meditation, chiropractor

Today’s sunrise chattered that

its only contribution to life was

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Pandemic Poem #22

Camp Chase Trail Connector to Ohio to Erie 4.22

Rain, rain, reconsider

Give up and go.

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Pandemic Poem #21

Neighborhood, 7 a.m., 3.01

Dismissing disturbing dreams teased awake by weak sunlight

Unable to take in full breaths around the heavy uncertainty of another

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