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Sunday Reflections

What I do know is that as each day passes, I feel lighter and more human. That’s enough for me right now. It’s been decades since I’ve felt this human. I kinda like it.

This Final Friday

I may have started teaching in 1995, but I have never known what it feels like to not have August be my New Year’s Eve and the first week of June having a holiday-like vibe. I’ve had bits of dreams of what it would be like to enjoy a gorgeous, chilly autumn morning outside of the cinder block school walls, or…

My Reality vs. Your Standards

It seems such a conundrum. If we can unconditionally accept all the parts of ourselves (including the flawed ones, or ones we see as less), which is our reality, we can begin to accept the wholeness (including perceived flaws) of others. The external standards we have come to levy against others as a form of qualification of their existence will start to dissolve…

Thursday Thoughts: Practice

Today I’m pondering the actual definition of practice. Yes, I can Google. Yes, I can find some stock definition, but I like to deconstruct words not only morphologically, but also energetically. I want to know what energy goes into a word just as much as the roots, prefixes, and suffixes.

Monday Musing

Why is patience one of the hardest human states to cultivate? Why is it so easy to disrupt?

Sunday Reflections

As you can see, I’m not yet back in the flow of a daily post, but I’ll keep working on it. There’s something to the habitual practice of writing even a short blog post each day that has an alchemical reaction to making me more aware of the moment-to-moment spaces in life, so it’s a place I like to be. In the meantime, this week has been interesting…


What if life is actually a jigsaw puzzle of sorts, where we’re given an initial box and expected to piece it together so that it looks exactly like the image on the front of the box, mass produced in a factory with the help of the society that created it, but when fully assembled, has no resonance with our heart?

Monday Meditation

Tonight’s meditation was woven around a thought I’ve been contemplating since my Yoga Nidra training two weeks ago–this idea of the universe being one, but all of us a part of that one and a collective at the same time.

My main thought is this…

Sunday Reflections

Hello, friends. It’s been some time, hasn’t it? Today is a gorgeous, warm, mid-spring day here in Ohio, the kind we spend the rest of the year either wishing for or looking back upon. I’ve spent the weekend dog sitting for a colleague, which reminded me of…

Thursday Thanks

Feeling good about your life, but not expressing a heartfelt ‘thank you’ is like wrapping a gift for someone but never giving it to them–Chip Conley

Sunday Reflections

We may lose and we may win

But we will never be here again

So open up, I’m climbin’ in

And take it eeeeeasy….