Sunday Musings

That seems so ridiculous to say. Don't you think meditation would be the perfect place to find calm and peace when mental and emotional chaos becomes intense? I do, and it's what I believe and teach. But there's also a piece of meditation that invites compassion along with the discipline. A place to be soft and vulnerable and open and a part of the flow of chaos rather than trying to stop it.


Mindful Meditation Project, Day 17: Alternate Nostril Breathing

Sometimes even the most beautiful meditation spaces aren't enough to stop a vicious cycle of mental thoughts from running rampant. Dealing with an unexpected situation in my life made my brain grasp for answers in all directions, and before I knew it, my meditation was off and running in a thousand different directions. Grounding myself …

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Sunday Reflections

My dog sitting gig with the lovable and laughable Miss Curly is over, since her family of boys come home this evening from their trip to Florida. I know she'll be over the moon. I'll miss her tail therapy and walking wisdom, for sure.

Missing Walking

I find myself craving a good, long, five or six mile trail walk starting at sunrise. Not quite sure why--Aries in Taurus, perhaps? Or the full grand conjunction in my sign? Impossible to know. I think most of it stems from needing, longing, and wanting to be doing something different with my life (Uranus in Taurus, y'all...) and not knowing exactly what.

One Soul, One Day, Two Men

I may have to sit in meditation more than once if only to keep myself afloat. I'm really grateful that someone higher than me (Spirit, God, Jesus, Allah, Buddha, whatever you need to name it) was looking out for me and had my psychologist schedule an appointment for this afternoon before any of this was anticipated. Sometimes others know more than us, and trusting in that is a bigger message.

Betsy + Billy C.

Just like that Monday, so long ago my answer will be yes. every time, yes. to every question, yes again and again, yes the way it was when we were together. until the demons are gone, yes and you can join me under that blanket, yes and your heart beats under my ear again Yes and yes and yes. I've never not loved you, my big goof.

An Experiment in Being Fully Present

Leaving something to do later, or because 'no one else will see it' is leaving a sort of energetic open-end, and that tends to tangle the energy (and aesthetics). Taking a moment to be present as we end a situation or moment has a different feel, a solid energy.

Friday Followup

So much to do, say, tell you about, over these last 48 hours, but to be honest, I am too emotionally drained to form much of a narrative with all the important details. I didn't want to let the day go by, however, without stating that I am absolutely finished teaching.