What Does Space Mean To You? 25 Questions To Consider

Today I taught my first restorative yoga class. I've taught meditation, yin, yoga nidra, slow flow, and gentle flow/challenge, but never restorative. I'm sharing my class teaching with an another amazing teacher, as we are able to organize our every-other-weekends (hers with a daughter in travel sports, me with my 500-hour meditation teaching coursework), and …

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Meet Pearl, the third of my grandcats. Why can't they stay little forever? It should be noted that I never imagined myself that person who admitted to having grandcats, but here we are...lol.

Sunday Reflections

My dog sitting gig with the lovable and laughable Miss Curly is over, since her family of boys come home this evening from their trip to Florida. I know she'll be over the moon. I'll miss her tail therapy and walking wisdom, for sure.

Missing Walking

I find myself craving a good, long, five or six mile trail walk starting at sunrise. Not quite sure why--Aries in Taurus, perhaps? Or the full grand conjunction in my sign? Impossible to know. I think most of it stems from needing, longing, and wanting to be doing something different with my life (Uranus in Taurus, y'all...) and not knowing exactly what.

Friday Followup

So much to do, say, tell you about, over these last 48 hours, but to be honest, I am too emotionally drained to form much of a narrative with all the important details. I didn't want to let the day go by, however, without stating that I am absolutely finished teaching.

Memorial Day Monday

So wild to think back to my first few years and how I craved having my own classroom, after two years spent subbing, and two years spent teaching in a janitor's closet. Yes, I had a janitor's closet for my first two years teaching high school, with 10-12 high school kids trying to fit in a room the size of a household bathroom because...

Saturday Snippet

I've been immersed in the experience of being a student on Zoom instead of the teacher, and learning that it is possible for beautiful things to happen there despite the digital divide. With the right teacher and the right energy, my assumptions about online learning have dissolved. Makes me wonder what other assumptions need further investigation against the truth of the matter.