Dear Reader 11.1.20

Dear Reader, Thank you for stopping by this week! It's an absolute shock to realize we have entered November, the gateway to all things festive and holiday, when it seems that we just joined spring and the longer, sunnier days. It seems COVID has a way of either compressing life to make the passage of …

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Words Don’t Wait

Funny thing about writing--once you shift from seeing your days as minutes and hours to moments and emotions, you get no say in who, what, where, when, and why story fragments show up.📚Trying to stop the words until you’re ready, with paper, pencil, peace, and a perfectly poured cup of coffee only makes them tumble …

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Dear Reader 9.20.20

Dear Reader, Thanks for stopping by the blog, or clicking through. If you've noticed I haven't posted since late July, it's not from a lack of want. I am actually having the opposite creative issue: I am writing too long and too deeply to post. I started this blog when I was bitten with the …

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On Writing During a Crisis

Incredibly grateful to be featured on the Brevity blog today–let me know what you think!

BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog

Beth MorrowBy Beth Morrow

I made a new acquaintance recently who, in his days before three kids, a job in administration, and a divorce, had been an active and productive writer. He lauded me each evening for having sat down during this pandemic to flesh out the essays in my head with a Bic pen in my spiral notebook.

I couldn’t understand why he, as a person who’d felt the pull and power of writing himself, wasn’t doing the same. I thought that’s what writing was for: to internalize and digest the suppositional inanities of the external world into concrete and rational observations. To use our words to transmute the unease and anger and hatred and uncertainty into a story with tangible relevance. Writing has been the only way I have been able to convert the painful and potentially destructive events of my life into a series of stepping stones since…

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What You Don’t See Essay #1

Yesterday I mentioned that we're slowly (or quickly, depending on perspective) closing in on the 6 month anniversary of when I lost my hubby to prostate cancer.

The number one, unquestionable lesson I've learned is...