What if life is actually a jigsaw puzzle of sorts, where we're given an initial box and expected to piece it together so that it looks exactly like the image on the front of the box, mass produced in a factory with the help of the society that created it, but when fully assembled, has no resonance with our heart?

Monday Meditation

Tonight's meditation was woven around a thought I've been contemplating since my Yoga Nidra training two weeks ago--this idea of the universe being one, but all of us a part of that one and a collective at the same time.

My main thought is this...

Sunday Reflections

Hello, friends. It's been some time, hasn't it? Today is a gorgeous, warm, mid-spring day here in Ohio, the kind we spend the rest of the year either wishing for or looking back upon. I've spent the weekend dog sitting for a colleague, which reminded me of...