Everyday Poem #17

Beneath the broken yolk of sunrise, flowers like gauze– planted by moonbeam shafts streaming once white and singular and watered by the moon dreams of whispers between things never imagined– blossom at my feet ruby emerald sapphire amethyst citrine shimmering with diamond dew. I ache to pluck and gather lovely blooms in my fist For […]

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Everyday Poem #14

Today I just want to be left alone in the rare chilly ache of a lemon August sunrise carefree in my cozy sweater and crazy unkempt sloppy slept-in ponytail cradling my coffee as closely as the soft morning dreams beginning to unfold their delicate petals in the heart spaced breaths between now and when we […]

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Everyday Poem #12

How open is the space between your heart and what she wants? Will you only accept what you seek? Or is there a place for magic to work on that dream? … Image by Kranich17 from Pixabay

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