Everyday Poem #2

I eavesdrop on the deli manager tell an older gentleman where he went to high school It’s the teacher names not his graduation year that tells me he was, once upon a very long time ago, my student. . His class was my westside Dead Poet’s Society studying Shakespeare and Frost between whole-class bouts of […]

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Everyday Poem #1

I sip hot coffee watching July sunrise and shimmer in waves from the potholed black pavement between me and one man walking a peaked rooftop snapping photos of sun-worn shingles and rusted chimney flashing while another man sleeping under a straggly bush no one has trimmed since the casino arrived on West Broad when one […]

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Just Another Saturday Night

Everyday Poem #0 Looking for solace I can’t name I sit on my deck watching the person who will be my new neighbor in a year or three when he finishes his monstrosity of a house two hundred yards from my fence And six times the total square footage Nailgun fascia to his eaves The […]

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