Keep Thinking: More Reader/Writer Inventory Questions

How are you doing on the reader/writer inventory from Friday? Have you had any insight, realities, or discoveries to help propel you forward? Over at The Writing Cooperative, a Medium site, there’s a terrific article by Steven Ma you might find helpful when delving into your process and progress: 10 Reflection Questions for Writers. Which […]

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Time to Write: A Reader/Writer’s Inventory

This year has been an extraordinarily unique 15 months in the life of a public school teacher. Fifteen months sounds short; a year and 3 months has a more succinct ring–but however you’d choose to phrase it, every moment of that time has been spent on a slippery slope redefining what’s important, necessary, and relevant […]

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Time to Write: The Stories We Tell

What’s your story? When uttered by an adult, that phrase usually struck fear into the heart of young Beth, suggesting I’d made a wrong choice, a bad decision, or run my big mouth when I shouldn’t have. In fact, an iteration of that question asked by my 5th grade teacher in a moment of haste […]

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